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School Site Council
The School Site Council is a decision- making group of parents and school staff, which has major responsibility for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Plan for Improvement. The committee also oversees a budget each year that provides enhancements to the standard school budget. The SSC Committee elections are held at the end of every year.
Family Curriculum Nights
This evening program offers a chance for parents to participate with their children to enhance and reinforce math and Language Arts skills taught throughout the school year. This is done by engaging the parents and children in hands-on activities, and creating an enthusiasm for learning and discovering math and science concepts with their children.
Jaguar After School Program
This is a public/private collaboration that is working to build the capacity of children to succeed academically and socially while reconnecting families and neighborhoods with school.  The program is held after school daily from 2:25 – 6:00 p.m.  The main components of the program are: literacy, recreation, and enrichment.  The following are examples of the types of activities students engage in: Reading, Literacy, Sports, Games and Enrichment activities.  Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.  Applications are located in the school office.  If you have any questions regarding the Jaguar Club, please call the Program Manager, Rebecca Bonton at (916) 585-0292 or email her at
MARE – Marine Activities, Resources and Education is the longest running program here at John Reith.  Brought to us by University of California at Berkley’s Lawrence Hall of Science in 1992 the staff has continued to bring this program to the students at John Reith.  MARE’s Ocean Week is a whole school “immersion” experience that transforms an entire school into a laboratory for the discovery and exploration of the ocean.  Ocean week also builds a sense of inclusion throughout the school community and improve the general climate and educational culture of the school.  Some of the activities include: Squid dissection, t-shirt painting, clam dissection, ocean songs, shark dissections, fish dissection, plankton lab, live crayfish lab and the grand finale ocean week assembly.
Sixth Grade Sports Programs(4th and 5th Track only)
Here at John Reith we participate in  the  6th grade flag football league, 6th grade basketball league and the 6th grade Volleyball league and 4th – 6th grade Track Team.  Football begins in September, Basketball begins in early December and continues through the end of February.  Volleyball begins in March and ends by the end of April.  The Robert Trigg Elementary Track Meet is held in early May.  All 6th grade students have the opportunity to try out for the teams.
PE Resource
In grade 4-6 your child will have a PE credentialed Physical Education teacher.  They will be exposed to fitness, skill, nutrition and health topics.
Extended Day
Math and Reading interventions classes will be offered to grades 1 – 6.  The purpose of there classes is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their academic performance in math and reading.
Roller Coaster Physics
Title I
Our school receives additional money from the federal government to help students succeed in school. Reading and math instruction support is provided to students who require assistance. This program is not designed for students with learning disabilities; but rather, for students who have “fallen behind” academically. EGUSD’S Title I schools have implemented class size reduction at all (K-6) grade levels. As a result, most of our Title I funding is designated for the additional classroom teachers required to facilitate instruction at a 26 :1 ratio in the intermediate grades.
Health & Nursing Services
The Nursing Services at John Reith are administered by a qualified school nurse who provides the following services: vision and hearing screening, updating medical information, keeping appropriate records for each student, and providing nutritional and dental health education. The EGUSD nurse visits John Reith a few days a month.
Student Study Team
The Student Study Team (SST) is a group problem solving method that brings together school resources to support students with possible learning disabilities or issues that interfere with learning. An SST meeting is held after a request is submitted by the teacher. The parent is asked to participate in person, and if the parents are unable to attend then a phone conference or written questionnaire is submitted for parent input. An action plan is developed so that recommendations to assist the child are designed together as a team. The SST is a student support system, and an expression of the school’s concern for students and an effort to better the quality of education through a collaborative effort. 
Special Education
These specialists provide educational services to children with exceptional needs. Diagnosis, screening and direct teaching are part of these vital services. Staff or parents may make referrals to the Student Study Team (SST).
Learning Center
John Reith has implemented the Learning Center model to service certified and “neverstreamed” students in grades K-6. The Learning Center staff will provide direct instruction to students and consultation to teachers, parents and support staff. The Learning Center allows John Reith to provide the highest quality of instruction to the maximum number of students.
Psychologist:  The psychologist administers psychological testing, consults with teachers and parents on emotional/behavioral and learning problems, acts as a liaison to community services, counsels students, and provides parent education.
Speech and Language
Speech and Language services are provided by the speech therapist for students for the following:
  • articulation (intelligibility, formulating sounds)
  • fluency (flow of speech)
  • voice (pitch, loudness, hoarseness)
  • delayed receptive and expressive language (short, simple sentences or lack of complete organized thought, impaired language comprehension, formulation word recall or use)
  • auditory functioning (retaining processing, understanding and reasoning)
The presence of any of these problems constitutes a referral.